About Bosca Beaga


 2 Chome-22-14 Maebaranishi, Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture


Irish Pub Bosca Beaga

Bosca Beaga(ボシュカ ビァーガ)は小箱の意味。たった7坪の小さなアイリッシュパブ。お酒もお料理もパワフルなお店を目指しています。お料理は全て冷凍食品を使わないハンドメード。一番のオススメはポテトフライ。是非御賞味下さいませ。

Bosca Beaga means the "small box" in Irish. Our small Irish pub of only 7 tsubo which is roughly 23 squared meters. However despite our size, we aim big focusing on fine alcohol and cuisine. All our dishes are hand made without any frozen food. Please try our range of fired potatoes.